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FPS 88 Series safety shut-off valve

FPS 88 Series safety shut-off valve

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FPS 88 Series safety shut-off valve

FPS 88 Series safety shut-off valve

Fossil Power Systems(FPS) is a leader in reliable, cost-effective, high performance shut-off valve technology. Our automatic and manual shut-off valves are installed around the world in pulp and paper, petrochemical and power generation applications. Fossil Power Systems(FPS) safety shut-off valve provide low maintenance, leak proof and fail safe operation.

All Fossil Power Systems(FPS) safety shut-off valve designs utilize a triple redundant stem seal. Stage 1 is via a pyramidal stem seal, stage 2 is via an O-ring and stage 3 is via multi-layered V-Ring Chevron? Packing. The blowout proof design is tensioned using Bellville washers for the ultimate in maintenance free operation.

Leak watch windows in all valve castings allow the user to check the stem seal for leakage. 

2.Visual indication of the ball orientation can be confirmed by way of a colored indicator which is visible in the leak watch window. 

3. Fossil Power Systems(FPS) safety shut-off valve maintains stock of all valve components to allow for very quick deliveries.  

Fossil Power Systems(FPS) safety shut-off valve are approved to the industry’s top standards including: API 607 4th Edition Fire Safe, Factory Mutual (FM) Class 7400 Liquid and Gas Safety Shut-off Valves, CSA 3.16/CGA Interim Requirement No. 60 Lever Operated Gas Shut-off Valves, CGA 3.9 Automatic Safety Shut-off Gas Valves, CSA 6.5/ANSI Z21.21 Automatic Valves for Gas Appliances, and CRN registration in all Canadian Provinces.

FPS 88 Series Valves ensure safety, reliability and ease of maintenance. The valve features a three piece body for ease of inline maintenance without breaking the piping connection and is available with NPT, socket weld or butt weld ends, in sizes ?” up to 2”.

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